A Lifetime Ago

When life revolved around BMX and Shows. It feels like a life time ago. Those exciting years being inspired(Still Inspired) photographically by the likes of Cooper B, Pete Jacques, Hartley, Dolecki & Ricky Adam. Doing whatever means necessary for the next adventure. 3hr one way up and back trips, mid week, just to catch a gig in the city. Limping into work on Mondays.  Institutionalized. You can't walk past a Bank-To-Wall without thinking of Ruben. You can't walk through a forest and not imagine a roasted table-top. When you hear a Profile cassette hub, or a skateboard thundering down the footpath, you can't help to think of the good times, man!

Come full circle, it's a great feeling meeting people through Motorbikes and Cars that were at the same shows, or featured in magazines you contributed to back then.

Shout out to Jon the Pom, Pete Jacques, and Jason Teraoka for lighting that old flame.

Watchma Bovine Dirt Drags

Watchma Bovine Dirt Drags……Moons ago I had an unexpected phone call from Gary Salau. I had photographed his property a few years prior. Gaz mentioned he had seen some of my work on the H.A.M.B. and wanted to know if I was interested in hanging out and taking a few photos of some Dirt Drags. No way would i miss this rare opportunity. Fast forward 2yrs to the last Dirt Jam I attended in 2016, and I now consider a lot of these guys incredibly great friends.

The Watchma Bovine Dirt Jam isn't a public event. It's a no BS good time amongst a group of close friends who i was lucky enough to document running a-muck on an old crop duster air strip.

Grinders CC Throw Back

Walking out of ADL Airport and being greeted by a Pontiac Roadster, GC's, Beers and a slab box sign with your name scribbled on it was one of the best starts to any trip I've been on.

The plan: West Beach Skatepark Friday. Party. Grinders CC Charity Show Saturday. Party. Hang out Sunday. Didn't sound shit.

The Grinders CC raised a hefty donation from the auction of bitchin art work, which was generously donated by artists all over Straya. Humbled to have been invited along and to have been apart of this event at the end of 2016.

One hell of a weekend. One for the books. You know the trips i'm talking about, yeah, you know. Massive shout out to those guys and girls. What a trip, man!