Category: Choppers

Walking out of ADL Airport and being greeted by a Pontiac Roadster, GC's, Beers and a slab box sign with your name scribbled on it was one of the best starts to any trip I've been on.

The plan: West Beach Skatepark Friday. Party. Grinders CC Charity Show Saturday. Party. Hang out Sunday. Didn't sound shit.

The Grinders CC raised a hefty donation from the auction of bitchin art work, which was generously donated by artists all over Straya. Humbled to have been invited along and to have been apart of this event at the end of 2016.

One hell of a weekend. One for the books. You know the trips i'm talking about, yeah, you know. Massive shout out to those guys and girls. What a trip, man!

Two years, where'd that time go? Spring 2016 i made a quick trip to the Gold Coast for Timo Caraco "Freedom Machines" book launch and exhibition. Pearler of a weekend and an amazing show. Thanks to all for the good times and amazing hospitality. And Jake. Thanks Jake.

The Boogaloo Invitation 2018. Needs no introduction. Thee best campout HotRod, Custom and Bike show in Aus. Special guests this year included the likes of Nick Simich of FARTCO and Piero from Mad Fabricators. Get a bloody yabby up ya.

My morning started off with our Car Club organizing a casual, no BS cruise from Melbourne Moonshine, and taking the scenic route through country Vic. Big ups to the Moonshine crew, sterling effort.

After chatting with a few people after the dust had settled Mid day Sunday, there was a pattern of "this is the best one yet" and "i couldn't walk five minutes without running into someone i knew". This just goes to show how much work Tesh and Des put into the event to create an atmosphere like none other. Good times, man. Keep the PMA.