A Lifetime Ago

When life revolved around BMX and Shows. It feels like a life time ago. Those exciting years being inspired(Still Inspired) photographically by the likes of Cooper B, Pete Jacques, Hartley, Dolecki & Ricky Adam. Doing whatever means necessary for the next adventure. 3hr one way up and back trips, mid week, just to catch a gig in the city. Limping into work on Mondays.  Institutionalized. You can't walk past a Bank-To-Wall without thinking of Ruben. You can't walk through a forest and not imagine a roasted table-top. When you hear a Profile cassette hub, or a skateboard thundering down the footpath, you can't help to think of the good times, man!

Come full circle, it's a great feeling meeting people through Motorbikes and Cars that were at the same shows, or featured in magazines you contributed to back then.

Shout out to Jon the Pom, Pete Jacques, and Jason Teraoka for lighting that old flame.

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